apex web server

apex is a Perl-based web server that is very easy to use

The Past

apex is an experimental project which began as a simple socket program written in Perl. An interest in web server technology led me on a more ambitious journey of attempting to create a fully functional web server that would respond to HTTP commands. A more in-depth knowledge and understanding of HTTP and the original web RFC's that have guided the development of the Internet eventually enabled me to have this server take on a more meaningful purpose.

The Present

apex attempts to provide the most basic, yet the most useful, web server features. apex is geared towards sysadmins because there is a need to have a prortable, lightweight, easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage, web server. Currently, only rudimentary functionality is provided, but in the 0.6 version CGI scripting has become more robust. Programming efforts will strive to match RFC compliance as well as balance a useful feature set.

The Future

apex has evolved into a web server that seems to be secure enough so admins can run it without fear of exploits. apex needs to grow out of its single-threaded model in order to be able to run CGI programs that currently take down the server if they mis-behave.

apex may grow into a toolkit that provides web sites with simple access to information in a database. the goal would be to allow an apex administrator to maintain a simple spreadsheet that feeds a database. the spreadsheet information could then be published on a web site using database-driven perl cgi scripts that are provided with apex. the "integrate by example" methodology that apex  endorses should allow scripts to be easily tailored.

apex web server -> perl cgi scripts -> mySql <- your spreadsheet

apex Copyright (C) 2005  Joe Kohut   apex A Perl EXperiment